The Mission Is Going Through Some Changes

Hi guys;

Amy Wagner, for the Gospel Mission has left to seek greener pastures and we do wish her well.  She has accomplished a tremendous amount and fed many mouths during her tenure and she is to be congratulated on a job well done!

I'll be handling things around here for a while and please pray that the transition goes smoothly and is as transparent and easy as possible for the folks we serve.

Currently on board are:

Jim Cook-Mission Foreman
Sarah Peterson-Cook
Connie Shivner-Thrift Store
Penny Lucas-Thrift Store Helper
Currently looking for a Client Assistance Worker
Lalo Arrendondo-Maintenance
Margo Smith-Sierra House Manager
And the Board of Directors for 2022

We currently need more volunteers to help bring out food for our food pantries and to unload our food trucks, and a couple of dishwashers in the kitchen on Monday and Tuesday.

Thank all of you for your continued support and God bless!

Randy Salars
Executive Director

Mission Manager

Official voice of the Silver City Gospel Mission. Feeding The Hungry, Clothing The Cold And Giving Hope To Silver City’s Hopeless!