Sustainers provide consistent support to the Silver City Gospel Mission with monthly contributions that are automatically deducted from their checking accounts or credit cards.

The Sustainer program offers caring supporters an easy way to incorporate their support of the homeless and poor into their monthly finances.

How May I Give Monthly?

To become a Sustainer, please visit our online donation form. Please select “I’d like to make this a recurring donation” in the “Gift Type” section of the form.

As a Sustainer, you will retain complete control of your giving and may increase, decrease or suspend your contributions at any time.

If your credit card information has changed and you need to update it, please login at the Gift Service Center to make any necessary changes.

If you’d like all or part of your monthly gift to go to a specific area, please specify that area on the donation form (food pantry, soup kitchen, clothing bank, Women’s shelter, socks, blankets, etc).

For more information or any questions, please call Director Randy Salars at 575.388.5071 or you can also mail a check to:

Silver City Gospel Mission
PO Box 5198
Silver City, NM  88062

“As you sow, so shall you reap”


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