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Spring 2014

Fall 2013
Can you make a difference in the fight against hunger and cold in Silver City?
YOU Can! The answer lies in changing our mindsets back into being a community again. A real community where neighbors help neighbors and where our churches, civic organizations and groups help those in need, instead of relying on a large government.

Summer 2013 – The girl came hobbling in on her crutches, both ankles broken and her face black and blue. She was lucky to be alive. The paramedics had found her below the bridge in the big ditch. When I heard her story I was surprised she wasn’t in worse shape. What would cause someone to try and end it like that, I wondered. How can we give some of the people we see a glimmer of hope?
Join me as we explore these issues in this months newsletter

Spring 2013 –  Love is in the air!  How many times have you passed someone holding a sign similar to the one above and pretended you didn’t see?  Did they really need your help or are they one of those con artists who goes from store to store and makes more than you do?In the Spring issue of the Silver City Gospel Mission Newsletter, we look at these … [Read more…]

Winter 2012 – In this months issue of the Gospel Mission Newsletter, read about our Thanksgiving Dinner, how Connie and Susie were helped and how we are far from perfect … [Read more…]

Fall 2012 – In this months issue of the Gospel Mission Newsletter, read about Silver City’s darker side and how America may be heading into the Great Depression, Part Deaux … [Read more…]

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