We have a Bible study every morning, taught by either a local clergyman, a knowledgeable volunteer, or through an online projector study.  Let us know if you are interested in helping out.

We try and show our guests examples of Christian values like love, mercy, acceptance, and forgiveness, while teaching them sound moral principles and how to become more self-sufficient.

We are a non-denominational Christian-based organization and you can read about what we believe in our Statement of Faith.

Why Study The Bible Anyway?

It is a thick book with a lot of pages, and some of it is hard to understand. So, why study it? There are thousands of reasons, more reasons than we could cover, But we have  a few good reasons we wanted to mention:

“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education ~Theodore Roosevelt”

  • To understand Biblical references and sayings of the English language
  • Because we have heard a lot about it and to find out what it says for yourself
  • For wisdom and examples of how to handle some of life’s situations
  • Because it is the best-selling book of all time
  • For its literary value (it is a whole library of books of history, poetry, songs, and personal letters)
  • Understanding yourself because it is like looking in a mirror and you see yourself and others in its pages
  • Because we believe it is the spoken word of God and we should see what he is trying to say to us
  • To know God because he reveals himself to us in the pages of the Bible

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