In Partnership with RoadRunner Food Bank of New Mexico, we are a distribution point for the USDA commodities TEFAP program to eligible individuals and families.

This is a federally regulated program and to sign up we will need proof of residence in Silver City, a copy of a photo ID and self-declare your income level. (if you are from the Mining District or Cliff/Gila area, please check here for your local commodity distribution points).

You will then need to sign and verify a commodity form and we will issue you a card that we will punch when you pick up your food.   You will also need to re-certify once every year, usually around July.

When you come in, please bring a photo ID, as we will need to see proof of identity before you sign to pick up your food.  If you are homebound or for some reason cannot come in to pick up your food, you can assign another person to pick it up for you by signing a food pick up form.

You can get your commodity box Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm and you can get it the same time you receive your normal food pantry box or at a different time.

The Silver City Gospel Mission is an equal opportunity provider.

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