All Time bank applicants go through a basic level of screening, that includes a New Mexico criminal background check, NM sex offender database check and a  personal references check.  A picture ID is also checked.

If a member doesn’t pass a preliminary background check, they may still be eligible for Time Bank membership, but may not be eligible for some jobs and may have to perform their work at the Mission or under close supervision.  Our time bank coordinator may also have to use the online time bank exchange website on their behalf.

Why do we conduct background checks on volunteers and members prior to accepting them?

It is part of risk management process to screen out persons whose service would pose an unacceptable risk to Silver City Gospel Mission Time Bank members.  Since time bank members have access to the member database, and can coordinate exchanges with other members, without supervision, all members are screened.

This also applies to volunteers who have access to the member database that may not be members, for consistency. For this document, “applicant” is used to mean a person applying to be a volunteer with access to the member database or a member. Background checks are just one step in the screening process which includes completing an application, and may include interview and reference checks. Arrest and conviction records are reviewed with three factors in mind:

  1. the nature and gravity of the offense
  2. the time that has passed since the conviction
  3. the nature of the position sought (for volunteers) 

What about members who wish to provide driving services or childcare services?

We require prospective members to pay for their current driving records and childcare service providers or housecleaners/sitters to pay for a more thorough detailed background check provided by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

Applicants are rejected for the following offenses in all programs.

Any felony conviction.

 Applicants may or may not be approved with the following offenses:

Any misdemeanor

Applicants falling into the “may or may not be approved” list will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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