In 2021 we were able to serve 15,261 meals in the soup kitchen, handed out 2,821 family-sized food boxes, clothed 1,892 families in the clothing bank, shelter 2-8 women daily in the Sierra House Women’s Shelter and the case worker helped 921 people.

Where The Money Goes

Approximately 94 cents of every dollar donated goes towards fighting hunger and our programs; the remainder goes into operating costs.

We are entirely funded through your private donations, public grants, and our thrift store, and will not accept funding that may place restrictions on our Christian beliefs.

All profits earned in the thrift store go directly back into Mission operations.

Our primary physical goal is to get people fed.  After that, we try and keep them warm and provide protection from the elements.  After their physical needs are met, we work on educational, referral, and counseling goals.

And we are continually planting Spiritual seeds through example, prayer, Christian music and literature, Bible studies, and evangelism.

Where Your Donations Go

All clothing and household items are sorted for usability, priced, and used in the clothing bank and/or placed for sale in the thrift store or used at the women’s shelter.  If clothing is stained, torn, or unusable, it is placed in a storage trailer for use in 3rd world countries.  If household items are broken they are either re-purposed, given away, sold for scrap, or trashed.

All food is inspected for health reasons and either given out in emergency food boxes or used in the women’s shelter or soup kitchen.

Your cash donations normally go into the purchase of food for our soup kitchen, women’s shelter, food baskets, warm clothing, blankets or bedrolls.  We strive to meet operational costs like electricity and payroll through thrift store sales, but occasionally have to dip into cash reserves to meet these needs.

If you would like to earmark your cash donation for a special purpose, please let us know how you would like it to be used.

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