At the Silver City Gospel Mission, we believe that it is not enough to just distribute food to people in need, but that we must also advocate for systematic change that will, hopefully, reduce the root causes of hunger.

As one of the channels of God’s provision in this place and time, we encourage the people of Silver City to work toward a community without hunger by:

  • Serving at the Gospel Mission and learning firsthand about hunger
  • Educating and raising awareness in our community on these issues
  • Working to make Silver City’s economy stronger by encouraging small business development
  • Helping to build the skill-sets and motivation of those below the poverty line
  • Encouraging moral and Christ-like behavior through examples of love and mercy
  • Influence your church, business, or organization to take action and engagement against hunger in Silver City
  • Pray for the hungry and homeless in Silver City
  • Learning more about Federal hunger programs and the part they play as emergency hunger stop-gap measures
  • Thank our major partners for their support
  • And of course, helping us fulfill our primary Mission of sharing Jesus Christ

“A hungry man can’t see right or wrong. He just sees food”

We also invite you to speak your voice to leaders in places of power and position.

 Suggestions of what to say when you contact your elected official:

  •  Share our website with them and let them know you support our efforts
  •  Ask them about what specific actions they are taking to reduce hunger and homelessness in Silver City; find out if they are contributing any of their time or resources to help
  • Tell them that you sometimes feel that our local area is left out in the legislative process and ask them what you can do to help

Hunger Resources

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