corporate service dayIf your group, class or business wants to volunteer, we would love to set up a special project just for you!

We have many opportunities for you to put your special skills to use

Translate the values of your company into your impact in the community

Looking for a unique and fun way to strengthen communication and rapport among your team?

Through Corporate Service Days, you have the opportunity for your employees to unite around your company values and translate those values in to community service projects at the Silver City Gospel Mission.

Working side by side with us, your employees will execute their project and help make the world a better place.  Please contact us or drop in and talk to the director at the Mission for more information.

Employee Volunteer Fund

Freeport-McMoRan, PNM and WalMart are proud to support employees that give their time and effort to help those in need by offering funds to match unpaid volunteer hours served. When an employee volunteers a minimum number of hours a year with a nonprofit organization, the organization is eligible to earn either a  grant or other special benefits.

If you are an employee of one of these businesses and want to help in a big way, please contact your HR department or the Silver City Gospel Mission to find out more.

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