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Prizes For Chores Completed


  1. Bronze Level (Basic Support): All clients will have access to essential services, including eating in the , monthly boxes, monthly clothing, mobile services, and first-come-first-served access to showers and laundry.


  1. Silver Level (Mid-tier Support): To qualify for the Silver level, clients need to accumulate 50 points within 30 days by participating in various tasks and attending classes. Once they reach the Silver level, they will receive these additional benefits and privileges.
  • Silver Level: 50 points per month
  • Benefits and Rewards:
    • Haircut voucher???
    • Care package, including one roll of toilet paper and extra food (courtesy of the )
    • Their choice of 1 small item from the (Courtesy of the )
    • Coffee voucher??
    • Drink Voucher (Courtesy of Birdwell's Vintage Vibes)
    • $10 Walmart gift card??
    • other stuff???


  1. Gold Level (High-tier Support): Clients who accumulate 100 points within 30 days will be eligible for the Gold level, with more significant rewards and benefits.
  • Gold Level: 100 points per month
  • Benefits and Rewards:
    • All Silver Level Awards
    • Monthly bus pass or $20 fuel voucher????
    • Silco movie theater ticket???
    • $50 Albertsons food card (Courtesy of Albertson's Grocery Store)
    • Name and photo on the recognition wall (Courtesy of Gospel Mission)
    • Other???
  1. Platinum Level Food Truck Unloader: Clients who help unload a food truck every time it comes for one month (1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays of each month)
    • Invitation to monthly Hamburger and fries BBQ with a (special prize???) (Last Friday of each month at 11am)
  1. GRAND PRIZE: The client who has the most points at the beginning of every quarter will receive a grand prize

Sept 30th, 2023-BRAND NEW ACER LAPTOP COMPUTER (Donated by Livingston Hearing Aid Center