Connecting with the community at Silver High School, Cobre High School, and WNMU University

silver city health fair

Recently, the was thrilled to participate in three Resource Fairs sponsored by Danielle Diaz and the New Mexico Department of Health.

These fairs occurred at Silver High School, Cobre High School, and Western New Mexico University (WNMU). They were an incredible opportunity for us to connect with the community, spread awareness about our services, and discuss the numerous opportunities and student internships available at the .

The Health Resource Fairs aimed to provide valuable information and resources to the local community, focusing on promoting health and wellness.

We were honored to be included among the various organizations that attended the fairs. It allowed us to showcase our commitment to uplifting the community and helping those in need.

At each of the fairs, we set up a booth to share information about our services, including the , and clothing bank, and many volunteer opportunities. Our booth attracted a diverse audience, from students and families to local community members, all eager to learn more about how they can benefit from or contribute to our mission.

One of our key services is the soup kitchen, which provides warm, nutritious meals to those in need, with no questions asked. By attending the Health Resource Fairs, we informed many individuals about the availability of this essential service, ensuring that no one in the community goes hungry.

Additionally, we highlighted our food and clothing bank, which offers a variety of items to help those in need. From non-perishable food items and clothing to personal products and household goods, our food and clothing bank aims to support families and individuals experiencing financial hardship or struggling.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Gospel Mission, and we were delighted to share the numerous opportunities available for community members to get involved.

From serving meals in our soup kitchen to sorting at the food and clothing bank, our volunteers play a crucial role in the success of our mission. Furthermore, we were excited to discuss student internships, providing valuable hands-on experience and a chance for students to give back to their community while enhancing their resumes.

Overall, our participation in the Health Resource Fairs was a resounding success and we are grateful to have been part of these events and look forward to continuing our work in the New Mexico community.