Here are the points you will earn for doing a specific chore. The area supervisor will keep a tally of all points for each client during the month and turn them in to the Director, who will issue prizes as soon as possible to the first of each month.

  • Putting away chairs after lunch: 5 points
  • Picking up trash in the parking lot: 5 points
  • Sweeping and mopping after lunch: 10 points
  • Doing dishes in the soup kitchen after meals: 10 points
  • Sorting clothes and other items in the thrift store for 1 hour: 10 points
  • Preparing 20 food pantry boxes for clients: 10 points
  • Emptying all trashes: 10 points
  • Sweeping and mopping in the thrift store: 10 points
  • Organizing food shelves: 10 points
  • Emptying Sierra House trash-10 points
  • Cleaning bathrooms: 15 points
  • Taking out and breaking down cardboard boxes: 15 points
  • Cutting weeds at the Sierra House shelter: 15 points
  • Going with the driver on the food run-15 points
  • Helping with the mobile food pantries: 20 points
  • Unloading food trucks: 25 points

Points For Classes:

  • Life skills classes: 10 points per class
  • Bible study: 15 points per class
  • AA classes: 15 points per class
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