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Life In The Slow Lane

Jimmy was happy he had finally made it to the warm climate in the land of manyana. He considered himself a professional bum. The Eastern shores had turned out too cold and crowded to survive so he headed West in pursuit … Continue reading

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A Day At The Mission

Mornings at the Mission begin around 8 am with the cook, thrift store and myself prepping things for the day. Breakfast is made, money is counted and clothes and shelves are straightened in the store and food for the food … Continue reading

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Angels In Human Form

We see a variety of folks down here at the Mission, both volunteering and needing our help.  People of all colors, religions, political inclinations, ages and sexes. And occasionally a few come through that I can only think of as … Continue reading

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Michael Get A Home

Michael (not his real name) came to us from Texas via Louisiana where he was born and raised. He grew up on his Dad’s fishing boat, but was displaced after Hurricane Katrina and made a move to drier climes and ended … Continue reading

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Or The Mindset Of Champions

James came in the other day and wanted to volunteer so I asked him if he could bag some food for the food pantry and gave him a list of food and quantities to go in each bag. Simple, or so … Continue reading

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