Stories About Those You Have Helped

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Homeless Stories Besides those who are homeless, we also have quite a few hardworking families who are just trying to make ends meet come in and in many cases we are able to help and encourage these families.

We also feel that those who do get our help should try and give back a little bit of they can.

We try and assign small, simple tasks around the place to those who eat in the soup kitchen.

If someone is staying in the Sierra House, we require them to work a little bit at the Mission and we will soon be starting a small, community garden and greenhouse where they can grow some of their own food.

And we are also starting a more in-depth assessment and education program for our regular clients (as in teach a man to fish).

The courts and income support division also send those willing to do community service over to help out.  And local schools send students in their internship programs.

Here are a few stories of those we have helped

(In some cases, the names have been changed)

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