We Went to the County Fair

images (1)… The birds and the beasts were there!

I was sorting some donations from WalMart the other day and thinking back to a time when our cupboard really was bare.

We had 1 shelf of food in the food pantry and a couple of pounds of hamburger and some potatoes and onions for the and I'm praying, God, if you want us to keep going, you had better do something pretty quick.

And as my good friend and volunteer Wanda Cook would say, ‘God is a just in time God' and he did come through for us with a very generous donation from Freeport-McMoran and AmBank from the County Fair!

It's with great pleasure that I once again want to thank First American Bank and Freeport for coming through with some beef and some pork from the fair.

This meat is used in our soup kitchen and goes a long way towards meeting our primary of keeping the and indigent poor of fed.

If you are an employee of one of these great organizations, our hat is off to you.

And when you see one of their employees or management on the street, please thank them for us!

Mission Manager

Official voice of the Silver City Gospel Mission. Feeding The Hungry, Clothing The Cold And Giving Hope To Silver City’s Hopeless!