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This Is What Real Fashion Looks Like

I was browsing some photos on Facebook this morning and I swear that some people must have built into their DNA.

Everything they wear seems just perfect for the season, activity, and place and they make it all look good.

Me. I've always been a jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers type of guy. I'm not sure if I just like to keep things simple or if the gene that some people have for fashion got left out.

A girl came into the store the other day and she was wearing striped socks of different colors that went almost to her neck and old ripped-up Keds sneakers.

She found a funky hat, scarf, and purse to go with her outfit and I couldn't believe how good it looked. Nothing matched, the colors screamed ‘Individuality' but it sure was stylish.

And she got it all for under $5 bucks.

As she walked out of the store, it reminded me of a scene from that old movie ‘Pretty Woman' as she sashayed down Hollywood boulevard.

While I'm not much on fashion, what I do know is that the is overflowing with clothing and accessories of all types, styles, designs, and colors.

Everything from brand new to vintage at dirt cheap prices. Shoes, purses, and pants for $2, shirts for $1.50 or less, and many accessories for less than $1.

You can put a whole outfit together for less than $5 and much of it could be brand-new never-worn-before items.

So come down and see what kind of fashion statement you can make. Thrift store shopping is an adventure and you never know what kind of fashion gems you might find. You just have to look for them.

Everything we make in the thrift store goes right back into feeding the hungry and clothing the . So not only are you making a fashion statement, but you're helping the community in the process.

You never know what kind of thrift store fashion gems you could find. Take a chance and make a statement!

The Thrift Store is open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am-1:00 pm and we are located at 111 S. Texas street (downtown Silver City at the end of Bullard St. behind Jalisco's Restaurant).

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Happy thrifting!