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Single Socks Helps Feed The Hungry

Single Socks , recently gave a $4,000 grant to the to help them buy for the and food baskets. Thanks to this generous donation, the Silver City will be able to provide -relief services and feed over 150 families in the area and serve 2300 meals in the soup kitchen. This donation allows those families to have access to nutritious meals and will help them get through their toughest times.

The mission of Single Socks is to use profits from thrift store purchases to help hunger-relief programs. They believe that hunger is a global issue and that everyone can make a difference in their community by donating to the cause. With like these, hunger relief organizations are able to purchase more food and provide it to those in need.

The Silver City Gospel Mission has been helping the less fortunate since 1986, providing them with shelter, food, and clothing. Thanks to Single Socks' generous donation, they will be able to continue helping those in need. By supporting hunger relief programs like this one, we can all help make a difference in our community and give those affected by hunger the assistance they need. Together, we can help end hunger in our area and beyond.