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Welcome to the Silver City Gospel Mission Time Bank.

Time Banking is a way of giving and receiving to build supportive networks and strong communities.

One hour helping another earns one Time Bank Hour (also called time credits, service credits or time dollars.)

You can then use the time bank dollars in your account to receive help from others and purchase items from our Time Bank Store.

The Time Bank has three main goals:

  • Strengthen the fabric of our community.
  • Serve people and give them a means to serve.
  • Establish new relationships and meet real needs of our community members.

We recognize that each person has talents to share, and that the overall community is strengthened when neighbors help one another. For every hour that you help meet the needs of another member, you earn a time credit for the exchange.

This time credit can then be redeemed for services like car rides (airport, doctors visits), budget and tax preparation, child and pet care, shopping, minor home repair, house painting, holistic therapy (massage, acupuncture), organizing your home, interior design, mending and alterations, computer help, web design, garden/yard work, moving assistance, cooking, cleaning, private lessons, classes and tutoring, editing, translating, companionship, etc,etc.

For more information about time banking, to see what services are currently offered or to become a member, visit The Silver City Gospel Mission Time Bank


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