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Gospel Mission Hands Out 30 Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanks to your generous , the handed out 30 gift baskets to families who may have had to decide between necessities and a special family meal this Thanksgiving.

Altogether, we received 37 turkeys, eight hams, and numerous cans of cranberry sauce and other dinner ingredients. Along with another few hundred dollars we spent at the stores, we were able to put these boxes together with a full assortment of ingredients.

Each basket included a turkey or ham (their choice) and all the trimmings to make a made-from-scratch Thanksgiving dinner. We also included other foods like cereal and canned goods so that these families would have during the holiday break.

We will use the remaining donations in our Thanksgiving dinner with remaining or new contributions to prepare our Christmas box handouts and dinner.

We are thankful for the donations from our community which enabled us to put these meals together. Thanks to everyone who donated their time and money to make this Thanksgiving memorable for those in need.

And if you know someone who needs a Thanksgiving meal cooked for them, please send them to the Mission this Thanksgiving at noon to enjoy our annual feast.

Happy Thanksgiving!