• “Take the Mystery Out of Giving”
  • “In the Spirit of Giving”
  • “Dare to Care”
  • “Treat” Your Neighbor Right
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest


  • “Give Thanks-Give Food”
  • Turkey and Chicken Drive
  • “Share the Bounty”


  • “Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation”
  • Summertime Drive
  • Summer Lunch for Kids

Winter Holidays

  • “Spread the Cheer This Time of Year”
  • “Tis the Season for Giving”
  • Kwanza Harvest Display
  • Kosher Food Drive

Valentine’s Day

  • “Giving from the Heart”
  • Donate in Honor of your Valentine


  • Easter Baskets for the Homeless and/or Children
  • “Hunt for Solutions to Hunger”

Food Drive Slogans

  • “Take a byte out of Hunger.”
  • “Hunger’s Heroes”
  • “No matter how you say it, ‘Hunger Hurts'”
  • “Providing better health by curing hunger.”
  • “Hunger–If only words could fix it.”
  • “The hunger are banking on you.”
  • “Bean counters against hunger.”
  • “Check Out Hunger.”
  • “The hungry are counting on you.”
  • “Hunger–go figure.”
  • “The blueprint for feeding the hungry.”
  • “Sleep over to end hunger.”
  • “Let’s get together to end hunger.”
  • “See justice done. Feed the hungry.”
  • “Contract for a better tomorrow. End hunger today.”
  • “Let’s clean up on hunger.”
  • “Building a better community by fighting hunger today.”
  • “Lend the hungry a helping hand.”
  • “Go away…hunger”
  • “Wipe Out Hunger”
  • “Fighting a high rise problem–hunger.”
  • “Design a Hunger Free Community”
  • “The best closing of all: A closed door on hunger.”
  • “A towering problem: Hunger.”
  • “The Ultimate Savings Deposit: Feeding the Hungry.”
  • “Hunger: An unwelcome guest.”
  • “Making Hunger Disappear”
  • “Turn the Tables on Hunger”
  • “A City without Hunger is a City with Heart”
  • “Let’s BAG Hunger”
  • “Adios, Hunger!” (For a Cinco de Mayo Party)
  • “Kids for Kids”
  • “Cans for Children”
  • “Super Kids Soup Collection”
  • “It Makes Cents! (coin drive)
  • “The Power of Change”
  • “Spare Change Changes Lives”
  • “Hunger Won’t Wait”
  • “Raise Your Voice for the Hungry”
  • “The Hungry: Give them the credit they deserve. Feed them.”
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