5 Ways You Can Directly Help The Poor

We spend a lot of time and resources at the in our fight against , and despair.

We are trying different ways of feeding, clothing, inspiring and educating those who come to the Mission in search of the emergency services we provide and trying to find ways to help them get back on their feet and stay there.

I was asked the other day how an individual could help improve the lives of the impoverished in our small town and have thought of a few ways that could make an impact on someone.

  1.  Educate Yourself; research the of and find out how in many cases it is linked to addictions, lack of education, mental illness or the criminal justice system and think of ways you can get involved in solutions to the major issues that we are putting a band-aid on.
  2. Help an individual that you know needs your help; direct them to the Mission, give them some food or needed items, offer them a simple job for cash, or even just talk to them and learn their story.
  3. Become an advocate for a good cause; do you see roadblocks in society that are preventing effective change from happening?  Then try and do something about it by starting a petition, talking to your elected officials, getting your neighbors together for a discussion and educating yourself on current bills or laws.
  4. Start your own fundraiser or food drive; See a need that isn't being met or want to lend a direct hand to an individual, family or organization?  Start your own food drive or fundraiser.
  5. Pray for those in need; I left this for last in fear that I might lose some readers, but it should have been first.  I am a firm believer in God and I do believe that if your are willing to ask/seek/knock you will be answered if you keep your eyes open.

And if you don't have the time, inclination or resources to directly help those in need you can always drop by the Mission or one of the many other fine non-profits in our area and take a tour to see what is happening and donate some of your cash, goods or ideas (or if you have the time, we always have a need for volunteers!)

“There is no Them. There are only facets of Us.”
― John Green

Mission Manager

Official voice of the Silver City Gospel Mission. Feeding The Hungry, Clothing The Cold And Giving Hope To Silver City’s Hopeless!