September Is Hunger Action Month!

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Silver City —
Mayor James Marshall is set to approve a local proclamation declaring September as Hunger Action Month. Each year, Hundreds of Silver City residents rely on food distributed by the Silver City Gospel Mission, through their food pantry and soup kitchen.

In honor of Hunger Action Month, The Gospel Mission has created the program,  “20 Days to help your neighbor.”

~ A list of planned  community events or suggestions for private events to raise awareness and to help end hunger in Silver City.

For a complete list, check out the Gospel Mission website at or to find out how you can help give Randy a call at 388-5071.


The Silver City Gospel Mission is a partner agency with Roadrunner Food Bank


20 Days To Help Your Neighbor

Day 1 – Meet Hungry Kate
Children just returned to school. Children just like Kate. To help us raise awareness, please watch the Hungry Kate video on the Gospel Missions website and share the link on Facebook or Twitter. She is one of the 146,940 children experiencing hunger in New Mexico.

Day 2. Sign up for the Gospel Mission Newsletter
and receive the free ebook “Give To Live – The Real Secret To Manifesting Life’s Rewards“.  Just enter and then confirm your email address and you will be sent the download link.

Day 3 – Read the Meals Gap Study
See how Grant County compares to the rest of New Mexico in number of people who miss a meal each day; then share this study to raise awareness of this problem with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or word of mouth

Day 4 – Saturday, Sept. 15-Red Hot Childrens Fiesta
Bring your child to the Gospel Mission booth at the Red Hot Childrens Fiesta at WNMU James Stadium from 10am-2pm and learn how you can help the hungry (or receive help if you need it).

Day 5 – Visit the Meals Gap Map
See how Grant County compares to the rest of the Nation in food insecurity with this interactive map.  Share this map with your friends on facebook, twitter and via email and have a discussion about whether hunger should still be a problem in Silver City.

Day 6 – Volunteer to serve a meal in the soup kitchen
Put a name to some of the faces you see around town and learn more about their story. Share your heart and hands with the hungry and hopeless. To schedule a day to serve, contact the Mission at 388-5071.

Day 7 –Tour the Gospel Mission
Come down and and take a tour of the Mission to see how your goods and cash are helping. The Gospel Mission is located at 111 S. Texas St. or go to the end of Bullard St. and we are the building with the large cross on top in the parking lot behind Jalisco’s Restaurant.

Day 8 – Host A Food Drive
Have your place of business, school, club or organization launch a food drive to help feed Silver City’s hungry. Go to silvercitygospelmission/fooddrive for more information or visit Randy at the Mission for some ideas.

Day 9 – Shop in the Gospel Mission Thrift Store
Every dollar you spend goes right back into feeding the hungry. Open to the general public every Monday through Friday from 8:30am-2:00pm.  Dirt-cheap prices and new, unique and interesting items put out daily!  Shopping addicts welcome :)

Day 10 – Watch the Hungry Man Video
Imagine what it would be like to be starving or homeless and then leave a courageous comment on the webpage stating your plans or ideas on how we can fight hunger in Silver City and improve the overall economic climate of our town.

Day 11 – Visit the Gospel Mission Facebook page and ‘like it’

Day 12 – Share some fresh produce out of your garden or grocery cart with your neighbors or the Mission.

Day 13 – Bake a dessert and take it down to the Gospel Mission Soup Kitchen
We cannot accept food items you cook in your kitchen (unless it is a commercial kitchen), but we can take any type of baked or store bought desserts.  Please call today to schedule a date.

Day 14 – Cook A Meal For Silver City’s Hungry
Sign up your group, organization or political party to cook and serve a meal in the soup kitchen. Call Randy at 388-5071 to schedule your day and time.  We can provide the food or you can help us out by bringing your own ingredients.  We will always provide the drinks.

Day 15 – Write a letter of hope to a hungry person
Hunger and homelessness can sometimes seem like a hopeless situation. Write a letter of hope and encouragement which we will post in our soup kitchen, website, newsletter and facebook page.

Day 16 – Shout Out that September is Hunger Action Month
Let your elected officials, leaders and our community know that you support ending hunger in Silver City

Day 17 – Wednesday, September 26th-September 30th-Cliff-Gila Grant County Fair
Drop by the Silver City Gospel Mission booth at the Cliff-Gila Grant County Fair and learn how the Mission is trying to teach people to fish in order to feed them for a lifetime. Consider attending the fair auction and donating some of your animal to the Mission soup kitchen.

Day 18 – Set an empty plate at your dinner table and say a prayer for those less fortunate than you

Day 19 – Follow the Gospel Mission on Twitter

Day 20 – Donate Now!
Visit the Gospel Mission website and click on the donate now button in the top left-hand column to set up a one-time or recurring monthly donation to help us eradicate hunger in Silver City.

Donations may also be dropped off at the Mission or made out and mailed to:
The Silver City Gospel Mission
PO Box 5198
Silver City, NM 88062

Approximately 96 cents of every dollar donated goes towards fighting hunger and our programs and for every dollar you give we are able to provide around four meals via purchases through discount sources.

Note:  If you currently give through the United Way at your work, you can specifically designate the Silver City Gospel Mission as the recipient and in this way funds will stay in the local area and be used to fight hunger in Silver City.

Don’t be part of the problem – Share your heart and resources and be part of the solution to help your friends and neighbors in Silver City!  

. . .And remember ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’

*Nearly seventeen million children in America go to bed each night facing hunger and food insecurity, not knowing if the new day will bring hope or hopelessness. We can fix this. This country has the food and resources that, if utilized to their maximum potential, can put an end to childhood hunger.

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