Organizational Chart

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Silver City Gospel Mission Organizational Chart – 2018

Board Chair     Marsha Bowman

Board Vice President     Marcia Johnson

Board Secretary     Lupe Barraza

Board Treasurer     Cynthia Cramer

Board Members:

     Judy Ward

     Laura Wygant

     Sally Burk

Chelsea Cooper

     Nancy Gregory

     Abraham Villarreal

Executive Director     Amy Wagner

Case Worker     Donna Guevara


Public board meetings are normally held from 12-1 pm, the third Thursday of every month in the Methodist Church.  Please call us for more details or if you would like to discuss something and have it added to the agenda.  Due to time constraints (most board members work and must get back to work), we allow two individuals five minutes each for public comments, have a short 5 minute open session and then go into private session to get regular business done.  Minutes of each meeting are available upon request.